Estate Regulations  - EDA

  1. Residents, their guests and their pets (if applicable) must not do anything which may be or become a nuisance, annoyance or disturbance to other users or residents of the development, the landlord, or any owner or occupier of any other neighbouring land. Any act which may interfere with the safety, comfort or convenient, or cause danger to any person or any part of the premises, building and development is prohibited.

    Between 11.00pm and 8.30am residents must not:
    a. play or use any piano, record player, radio, loudspeaker or mechanical or other musical instrument;
    b. use any equipment or machinery of any kind (such as a vacuum cleaner);
    c. sing loudly; or
    d. make any other noise which could annoy any neighbours, or be heard outside the premises.

  2. Refuse and recycling must not be deposited anywhere within the development except into the designated refuse and recycling bins. Electrical items and bulky items are not to be deposit in the designated waste bins or anywhere else within the development and must be disposed of responsibly. Further information can be found here; or alternatively please ask our on-site teams or access the resident portal.

  3. No burning of any rubbish in any part of the development is permitted. Nor is the lighting of any bonfires, fireworks or any similar flammable devices.

  4. No items shall obstruct or be stored within the communal areas.

  5. No hazardous materials or gas appliances shall be brought onto the development nor should any oil, grease or other damaging materials be poured down the drains or waste pipes.

  6. Residents must not exhibit any form of sign, picture or advertisement or notification material anywhere within the development or common areas.

  7. Residents shall not erect, exhibit or hang on the exterior of any building within the development any sign, advertisement, placard, flag, poster, hoarding, structure or notice board or anything whatsoever.

  8. Vehicles may not be repaired anywhere on the development except for very minor emergency repairs.

  9. Residents shall not park, leave or abandon, nor repair any caravan, boat, trailer of any kind on the development or the development.

  10. Residents that do not hold a valid permit are not permitted to use the car park.

  11. Residents must not bring or keep on the premises anything which is or may become, in our opinion, unclean or unsightly.

  12. Residents must remove promptly when required to do so any object or obstruction, including vehicles, which may be causing an impediment to the proper functioning of the development or is causing a nuisance.

  13. Property and belongings shall not be left unattended anywhere on the development. Any property left unattended without permission shall be removed and disposed of without further recourse.

  14. Residents must not interfere with any external and common parts décor or landscaping of any part of the development.

  15. Residents shall not interfere with the garden walls, fences or hedges.

  16. Residents shall not interfere with plants or flowers erected or planted on the development without prior permission to do so.

  17. The roof terrace (mezzanine) and all communal space on the 19th floor, including the Garden of Eda, will closed between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am.

  18. Residents must not scale the edge protection around the perimeter of the terrace, nor climb on any structure.

  19. Residents shall not use or bring any furniture onto the terrace and will only use the furniture provided.

  20. a; The use of alcohol must be reasonable and not excessive.
    b; The use of alcohol must not present a problem to other residents, their relatives and visitors or to staff.

  21. Residents are not permitted to place doormats, any other adornments or any other items in the communal areas or stairwells as this poses a health and safety risk in the event of an emergency.

  22. Residents must not use or allow anyone to use any lift to carry goods or more people than the weight or number allowed, as shown in the lift.

  23. Residents are not permitted to affix name plates or any other plaque or sign to the front doors of the premises, or any other door that faces the communal areas or stairwells.

  24. Filming or photography of any kind of commercial purposes is not permitted at any time unless specifically authorised in writing.

  25. No part of the development is to be used for any noisy, offensive, dangerous, illegal or immoral purposes.

  26. Residents must not smoke anywhere in or around the development, nor on the roof terrace (Mezzanine) or Garden of Eda (19th Floor). This includes vaping.

  27. Residents must take care to ensure that the development is kept secure and safe including not propping open external doors and informing staff of any concerns.

  28. Residents must ensure that fire doors are kept shut when not in use, self-closing devices are not tampered with and any faults or damages to the doors or mechanisms are reported immediately to Allsop Letting and Management as the Responsible Person. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in an increased risk of the spread of fire and danger to life.  

Please refer to the enclosed Government publication, Fire Safety in Flats for further information regarding fire safety and the Eda fire policy for what to do in the event of a fire.

Please refer to your tenancy agreement for further information regarding your obligations and responsibilities.

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